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Ep 1 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/44511
 Ep 2 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/44916 Ep 3 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/45152 Ep 4 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/46432 Ep 5 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/46748 Ep 6 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/47794 Ep 7 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/48020 Ep 8 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/48999 Ep 9 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/50023 Ep 10 Recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/50043 Hi:) So, this is how the story starts today. Last time, GC's servants(Hwa Su In, Chun Eum Ja) were killing the people who were recruited for GM. HSI asked to ES who you wanna for me to kill next time, asking how about CY. GC says he's jealous about for GM recruit others apart from him. CY says he always kill him because of his bad manners. Then GC says he gonna kill recruited person by GM. Then CY decide he gonna save other recruited person. CY goes to Lee seong gae, and ask where ES did go. In the meanwhile, Hwa Su In asks to ES who you wanna kill at least. But ES says their question is not worthy to answer. She says she gonna not care. Hwa Su In doubt if ES really doesn't care if others die from them. CY asks to Chun Eum Ja and Hwa Su In "If you are gonna continue or not.". CY's servants get angry of them, but CY says just let them go. cuz they're strong. GM asks to GC "you want me to do nothing even if I'm king?". GC says "you have too many hope about yourself. You wanna become great king." Then, CY report about situation. He says 5 persons are dead. GM says this month, my servant gonna say what I'm gonna do as king. He says he gonna show that there are many faithful servant in Go Ryeo. GC says he gonna expect GM's servant. GM insist No kook princess should stay with him untill she is in safety. ES reminds of the moment Hwa Su In threaten him with CY's life. ES asks CY's servant if they are ok. Lee seong gea is talking to CY with his brave and strong power. CY asks about ES's ear. ES says everyone including her is fine. CY asks to ES he doubt if Lee Seong Gae really can kill him. CY says he can go for heave door to be opened. But ES says "you still have many things to do." But CY he wants ES to leave, cuz she in danger more because of the face she knows about future. CY asks why ES deson't smile no more, but she doesn't answer. GC thinks how have CY as his person. He says he gottan a certain soldiers which are famous of the brave to change king. GM's servant says if ES is next to GM, he gonna get kind of trust from people because of the face that he has doctor from heaven. But CY criticize GM for get people's heart by talking them he has person from heaven. CY says GM can get faithful servant. Instead of CY recruting people, he asks to GM for ES to come back to her world. Lee Seong Gae's father came to Seong Hun and says he feel thankful of ES for surviving his son. ES is asking about path to heaven's door. She says she gonna wait in front of there, asking for princess to give her money to get there. She says she needs men's clothe to protect herslef by pretending like men. She is afraid of being reponsible for history. CY says he gonna say when they have to kill someone and also asks they have someone to see continually. CY goes to find famous scholar. He says to him he came with King's order. His sevant doubt if he's really the one. CY says to him he wanna says sth to his teacher. SH asks where ES did go. ES goes to find heaven's door alone by asking path to stranger. Then CY finds her. CY scold her how she behave like that. ES says she gonna forget for CY kidnap her. Instead, she wanna for him to forget the promise that he gonna bring her back to her world. ES says in her world when people say goodbye to each other, people shake their hands. ES wants for CY forget the promise and let her go. CY goes to a person to give them an answer. The person talks to CY about his father. The person asks why CY is that responsible for GM. In the meanwhile, Choi report CY's gonna meet Leek servant which disagree of Won country a lotz. Leek servant asks to CY if he want independence from Won, and if he is smart. Leek asks why CY is faithful of GM. CY says even if he's not perfect, he feels ashamed of himself. So if GM feel ashamed of himself more, he wanna protect GM more. Leek says he also wanna support GM, but he asks to CY if he can protect his life. ES gives sth to eat to CY's servant, feeling sorry of him. Because she insisted to go alone, his servant follow her to protect. CY says now ES leave, so GM gotta protect himselves. Choi says to CY "You promised to protect all people for GM" CY says he gonna what he belive as his father's saying "The most skillful strategy is the most simple thing. CY reminds of the moment for GM ask to him what he should do to be strong. Choi servant report CY seems to leave. NK princess worries of the situation. Then Choi says she knows a person who can return his heart. CY's servant says ES can stay here tonight. Then suddenly, Choi comes to her and asks for having a conversation. Choi asks if she has seen CY's sword before. Choi explain the sign on the sword was CY's Fiancee's. But Fiancee suiceded herself because his teacher was killed because of her. After that, CY behaved like crazy. But CY seems to behave well thanks to ES. So Choi asks to ES to bring him back as good state. After hearing Choi's saying, ES goes to back ASAP. CY gets a paper which says CY gonna go to GC. On ES's way to go to CY, she worries of him to get hurt. Preview of ep 12) GC says he's examing what he can do with ES's fortuntelling about future. p.s) If you have further question, comment :D
what will happen to the general and the doc in the end ?
who know the end of that ep,
Also...like '2Anne2007' stated, I too, love the conversation between the two leads. They both spoke from the heart.
Appreciate your recap. You're so quick. Kamsamida:).
So far, this is one of my favourite episode. I like the interaction between the general and the doc.
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