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The last episode :-( LIVE RECAP EP 16 : Translation here : ------------------------------- > - Shiwon : I didn't fail!!! > - Yoonjae : What did I? Why?? Why?? Did I something wrong? I'll report you to the police office!! - Shiwon : I want to report you to the police office !! > - Yoonjae : Are you kidding? > - Joonhee : I don't know my own mind.. I have to make up my mind. I'll go now. Ahh,, people said, first love does not come about...
love him..:))
he loves her more, because depending on her feelings he's twisting around....
yes..i had my fingers crossed all the while i was reading..hoping for no cliff hangers.. but tae woong just stole it.. he's a great brother.. and seeing the has to be yoonjae!!
@neaa... don't worry all our worries wil be gone by next week..hahaha... and of course, it will definitely be yoonjae in the end... those brotherly love kicked in already, and since yoonjae gave up shiwon before, it's tae woong's turn now.. and i applaud taewoong's decision about that blind date, that's just shows how he love his brother...
@nylamrehs i'm getting these has to be has to be yoonjae!!
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