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The first time I saw SETH's work, I was immediately in love with how he was able to visually capture his obviously wonderlust spirit. Not only has he taken his art outside of Europe to places like India and the Meso and South Americas, but each one seems to work with the pulse of the local culture. (I particularly love Photo 4, his mural of Hindu goddess Kali. So cool!)
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this is really Amazinggg wowwwww i wd love 2 c it 4 myself amazing art at it bestt thanks 4 sharinggg
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You're right, the fourth one is stunning! I love the last one too, is that in Poland?
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this is really cool, I really like the art style! and the hand prints in the second one are cool c:
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These are amazing, I especially love the last one! The colors are so vibrant and full of life. I definitely agree @cheerfulcallie there's a lot of layered meanings in the pieces.
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