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The Japanese language has over 50 nouns for rain. There's rain showers, weak rain, light rain, fine rain, misty rain, heavy rain, intense rain, downpour, localized downpour, chilly rain, rain and snow, rain at night, spring rain, and 2 words for early summer rain, as well as autumn rain. Japanese designers Nendo chose just 20 words for rain for the "Words" exhibit at Paris' Maison & Objet, artistically capturing each in a clear acrylic water bottle. The installation features designers from all around the world, each addressing the relationship between language and design for the 'word' themed exhibition. Photo 1: (Left) Kisame (樹雨), meaning rain that falls off tree branches; (Right) Shigure (時雨), meaning autumn rain Photo 2: Mizore (霙), meaning rain mixed with snow Photo 5: Niwaka-ame (俄雨) meaning a sudden rainfall
Japanese is the coolest language. I love how detailed the vocabulary is so that I can describe even the subtlest things like "rain that falls off tree branches" :) This is an awesome project, thanks for sharing!
This is so beautiful. Sometimes I get frustrated with English because there isnt always a word to express exactly what I mean. This is a fabulous project.
What a fascinating idea! The ability of various languages to intricately focus on aspects that the people find important is amazing. That's why I think the idea of words that don't exist (in this case, variations of words that don't exist) in other languages are so interesting! I wonder if he will consider expanding this idea in the future.
I never knew that about Japanese. How interesting!
This looks so interesting! I never knew Japanese had so many words for rain, but this seems like a wonderfully creative way to represent it.