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Thanks to the writers of koalasplayground, there is an enlish version of the written preview for the FINAL =( episode of RMPW. I can't wait for next monday!!! Episode 11 written preview (final episode): Hyuga has returned to Next Innovation and he’s rendered speechless by the monumental changes in the company. He still thanks Yamagami (for letting him know). He runs into Yoko, who has returned to her job at the restaurant, and they discuss how Asahina is still refusing to meet with anyone who visits him in the detention center. Yoko asks Hyuga if he’s told Makoto how he feels about her? Hyuga says no because he thinks Makoto stayed beside him because of pity over him losing everything. Yoko is angry at his response. At this time, Makoto is at the lab and receives notice that her job location has moved to Brazil. Hyuga has returned as President of Next Innovation and he holds a press conference. Makoto watches it and she can’t help herself and goes to the company. She runs into Hyuga trying to hide from her. The two people who haven’t seen each other in awhile awkwardly ask how each other is doing recently. Hyuga explains that the situation with the company is dire and this time he may not be able to do anything to save it. Makoto encourages him to work hard and hold down the fort until Asahina returns. She tells him that she’s decided to go to Brazil. Seeing that Hyuga is really stunned at the news, Makoto tries to act like she’s doing very well. A few days later, Hyuga calls Makoto and asks if she wants to come to the company. Makoto is busy with work and declines. Hyuga insists that she can come after work is done, and he will keep waiting for her. Makoto is very torn, but in the end she agrees to go. Hyuga waits for her but dawn arrives and there is still no sign of Makoto. At that time Makoto sends him a text…… © 2012, ockoala. All rights reserved. http://koalasplayground.com/2012/09/11/written-preview-for-episode-11-of-rich-man-poor-woman/
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I foresee a Hana Yori Dango season 1 ending
Glad I could be of help :)
so that ends the RMPW?thanks 4 the preview
thank you!!!
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