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This is my first post as a Fashion Blogger here in Vingle, let's see how it goes! <3 What do you think about this outfit?
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Thank you so much!!!!! I feel the same way, it's like you're naked or something. Your comment just made my day, this is a new project I'm working with all my heart! Greetings from Ecuador :)
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@TatianaIsabelH You're from Ecuador?! How cool! I am excited to see if there are any cool new trends in your part of the world. I live in California, USA!
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Yeah you should come over, it's like they say... #AllYouNeedisEcuador :) Well we have several things you'd love like ponchos, panama hats (they're from Ecuador, not from Panama), and many maaany kinds of handicrafts which I'm gonna use for my posts :) How nice to meet someone who lives in California it must be amazing!
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I love this, especially the rich colors. I agree that crop tops can be kind of hard to wear, too much skin is just uncomfortable, but with high wasted skirts or pants I think it works a little better. I'm looking forward to seeing more @TatianaIsabelH!
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The fashion blog is gonna be launch in October @pixiedust, if you want to you can join our waiting list to be onr of the first to know about it: www.inourstilettos.com :)
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