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Well, this is a rather big oops. Joan Rivers, who recently passed away, is loving her new iPhone 6! Rivers tweeted and posted to Instagram about trading in her 5C for the new 6 model even though she might not have much use for the technology anymore. The tweets were probably scheduled by her PR team, but someone is going to be getting a stern talking to about this HAHA!
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Omfg hooooooow does this even happen that's so hilarious XD
3 years ago·Reply
I really love her, funny till the end ^_^
3 years ago·Reply
@TechAtHeart Indeed! She's probably laughing about this from up above.
3 years ago·Reply
Oh no, I heard this had happened! It must have been such a shock, I hope no one got in trouble!
3 years ago·Reply
Dark, dark humor. Well done, Joan.
3 years ago·Reply