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It's that time of year again! Fall is coming which means good topwater fishing. What are you all fishing this year? Here's what I've been hearing from my friends: -tiny torpedo in clear or white with red or black ribs -BuzzJet with pretty good results -a hollow body frog, a black Jitterbug, or a buzz bait. I also love to twitch the old, original #11 balsa Rapalas on top with 8# to 12# line Personally, my favorites are hollow body frogs by about a mile, and I think @dougjohnson might agree with me that there's just nothing like them for topwater! For more ideas about what to try this fall check out my collection about bass lures: And check out doug's collection about amazing topwater strikes--it'll get you excited for the upcoming season!
@dougjohnson I hope so!!!
@MichaelPhillips Sweet thanks I think this will be our week michael!!!
@dougjohnson u can get zoom plastic lures at any bait shop. And I have been waiting on those top water hits. But still no luck!!!
@MichaelPhillips Cinnamon and spice scent, huh! I've never tried one of those! Fishing been slow for me too guys I thnk it's just the season....let's just get to those topwater blowups soon and I'll be a happy guy.
I like hollow body frogs and ZOOM lizards cinnamon and spice sent... Crappie minnows and bass minnows work good as well. I'm waiting to see what's going to do good this year there is several things I'm going to try. Strippers are running now so I'm trying to land a couple of those. I haven't had any luck the last couple weeks. @mcgraffy @fallingwarer
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