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I do not condone drinking in large quantities, but sometimes it just happens. Here are 9 things to remember the next time you want to avoid a hangover! 1. Drink green tea during the day. Green tea is fantastic for the liver, so sip on that during the day to prep your body :) 2. Down a large glass of water before you go. This sounds stupidly obvious, but one of the reasons the first glass of wine goes down so well is because we're often dehydrated before we even get to the bar. 3. Eat a meal before you start drinking. Food has to be in your stomach before you start drinking for it to have any impact, so always try to have dinner before you head out. 4. Load up on fat (the healthy kind). Fat helps slow down the rate at which food leaves the stomach, and the longer the food stays there, the slower the rate the alcohol will be absorbed into your blood (so the less likely you are to feel like death the next morning). Salmon, avocado, and nuts are all great options. 5. Add some liver-loving ingredients. Turmeric, cinnamon, kale, broccoli, beetroot, avocado, and lemon are all fantastic foods for helping support the liver. 6. Skipping Dinner? Order olives or nuts. Both are a good source of fat to help you avoid a hangover. 7. Worried about bad breath? The best natural remedy is chewing on fresh parsley. Raw, crunchy fruit and veggies are also a great help again bad breath. If you can, try a drink with fresh fruit. 8. If you don't want to feel bloated… Avoid sugary mixers, too many carbonated drinks, and be sure to never drink on an empty stomach! 9. Try not to start too early. Our levels of the enzymes that process alcohol spike in the evening, but are at their lowest at lunchtime. Remember that next time you partake in bottomless brunch!
The remedy for a hangover? don't let it kick in ha..
Number 9!! Such a great reminder!
I always eat before I drink. One time (back when I was vegan), I was drinking at a wedding cocktail hour but hadn't eaten all day because I had spent too much time getting ready PLUS couldn't eat anything there because it was all meat hors d'oeuvre. Needless to say I was drunk way before I even found my assigned seat at the wedding reception. Sooooo yeah, don't do what I did. Eat something.
Number 4 is so important! So many people try to eat bread-y things to "soak up the alcohol" when it really just keeps the alcohol in your system longer...the opposite of what you want! Great tips!
One more; lots and lots of water after! Like @caricakes said, both are important! Don't go to bed still feeling thirsty and drunk because that never turns out well.
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