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Feel like you want to know more about psychology, but never had the time to study it? Thanks to Hank Green; now you can! This 30-video playlist takes you through the basics of Psychology (say, what you'd learn in a few weeks of psychology classes in college) and explains it in a way that nearly everyone can understand. He covers everything about the study of the human mind from sensation and perception to the theory of the homunculus to remembering and forgetting to language to depression. (You can watch the series from start to finish above by clicking "next episode" at the end of each episode.) I'll be sharing other "crash course" lectures as well, and hope to find more from other great internet educators and entertainers as well.
Thanks for sharing It helped alot ^^
@nehapatel Exactly!! Always good to review/learn a little more~~
I always regret not taking AP Psych in high school. My friends would share what they studied that day with me and I would be so interested!
@hikaymm I found these kind of videos so helpful! Even though I took psych and chemistry and biology classes throughout high school and college, I honestly have forgotten so much of it! I don't really need it for what I'm studying for grad school, but what's the harm of a little more knowledge?
Thank you for this!! Obviously I haven't watched it all yet but as soon as I read the title I knew I needed to watch it....I definitelt skipped most of my psychology classes freshman year! You said this is part of a larger series? @nehapatel