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1. Running + Strength Training You know you should be strength training, but it's Cardio is important, but for real weight loss and toning you need to incorporate weight training into your routine. Try to alternate between rounds of treadmill running and intense weight training. Try to find a cardio kickboxing class that uses weights! 2. Rowing + Yoga You might think that rowing is all in the arms, but because stroke power comes from your legs, it actually works your lower body, big time. Yoga can help your body recover and increase flexibility to improve your performance the next time you work out. 3. Dance + Strength Training You get your cardio from the dance portion and then end with strength training with weights. The dancing is so much fun that it will only feel like half a workout! 4. Pilates + Boxing Go for a boxing class with high-intensity punches and other moves that rev up your heart rate. Then you transition into slower-paced Pilates, which builds muscle definition, promotes core strength, and helps you cool down. 5. Barre + Pilates Barre targets your legs and builds strength and stamina with ballet-inspired moves. Pilates with then further challenge your coordination, flexibility, and endurance to keep things interesting throughout the session. 6. Boot Camp + Yoga Some athletes think that yoga is for wusses, and any class called "boot camp" rightly scares the bejesus out of the average gym goer. Circuit-style classes alternate between intense boot-camp-esque exercises and yoga poses to assist with recovery and cool down. 7. Cycling + Barre
 Intense cycling will work your heart and lower body. Then perform high-repetition barre exercises that stretch and sculpt the rest of your body!
The first tip is so important! Even I slack off on weight training when I know better :/
Great advice! I always have so much trouble deciding what to focus my time on, especially since I have so little of it! This is really helpful for deciding what to work on!
I love doing all my cardio before my yoga class. I=I am half pumped for more exercise and half looking forward to the pose at the end of class where we essential take a nap :)