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"We will not let you make your dinners out of the things we feel!" This beautiful spoken word piece "Troll" is from Shane Koyczan's newest album, and is illustrated by the very talented Gareth Gaudin. The beginning tells the tale of the dangers of internet trolling, and the last part is about cyberbullying. I'm thankful that my kids have not yet faced any serious problems in their online presence, but I still fear it happening. While some may feel this video is making a mountain out of a mole hill, I know from my experience teaching that cyberbullying is no joke, and has a very real effect in many children, and for that matter, adults.
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Trolls don't just live under bridges. Surprisingly their presence is disgustingly strong on all sites, even those full if your "friends." I hope you havent had as hard of a time lately @AgentCory
Just as @AgentCory said this is really powerful. I see so many of my students affected by this type of online bullying and it's so sad. As @danidee it can be so hard to ignore it and it truly impacts a person's life.
thanks @hikaymm things are a lot better in high school as weird as that sounds. obs some people are still jerks but overall things are good. vingle is a really nice place tho, I haven't had any people be mean here c:
@danidee @hikaymm @pixiedust You all have wonderful advice to add; thank you for noticing this problem. It's a big deal! And @AgentCory If anyone here gives you trouble, just link them to this card :) We can always teach the trolls! We'll always be here to chat with, as well.
@greggr heh that's a good ideas, thanks!