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a comeback movie of one of my loves... KIM NAM GIL... they will start to shoot this film on late september and it's gonna be released on 2013... no details yet of what this movie is all about except that it's an action/ thriller movie.. no news yet of who are with him...
@sapphire.. yeah me too, and he stayed in my mind for a long time,.. then i searched all his dramas and movies and watched it... really love him even if he had a bad hair day in bad guy...lol
So happy that he will be back on the screen.
i fell in love with him since his appearance in Queen SeonDuk..its a very very sad story, my best drama overall until now..
yup he is!! long awaited film from him since coming out fom the military... wish he have a drama too...^^
ohhhh my goddd!!!! he is back!!