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Na-Bi (Cha Ye-Ryeon) is a former member of an idol girl group and now an actress. But, her acting is poor. Meanwhile, Hong (Jo Hyeon-Jae) is a movie director who studied in Poland. He is recognized as a rising star in the movie field, but he gets in trouble due to a sex scene in a movie. Filming begins September, 2012.
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Anyway, as long as he was the only one by her side, and he already confessed to her... I was happy about the ending, except the stupid death of young gul with no explanation...it remembered me about the ending of bad guy, but there they tried to produce a reason thinking of kim nam gil's enrollment...
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i was really upset withe the ending of bad guy, they could have had it better... stupid ending if you would ask me... though kim nam gil is about to enlist they could have matched this great drama with a great ending...bad guy was one of my fave kdramas except for the ending...
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it still is one of my favorite dramas.... two great actors, Jae Wook and Nam Gil , a great song, Thorn Flower and a very good story... Han Ga In as a lead female actress is also a good choice for this drama...
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though i like this drama a lot, i can't seem to watch it again like i do with secret garden, moon that embraces the sun, cinderella's sister..etc...
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super lindo jo hyun jae .....
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