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A year-long standoff between a Pennsylvania high school administration and its student body newspaper has resulted in suspensions, a $1200 fine, and an IndieGoGo campaign in protest—all because the student editorial staff of the paper is refusing to print the word "Redskins." Journalism teacher and newspaper advisor Tara Hubler, who won the Teacher of the Year award from Pennsylvania's School Press association, received a two-day suspension without pay because of her support of her students. The paper's editor-in-chief, student Gillian McGoldrick, was also suspended over her staff's refusal to print the word, which they argue is racist and offensive.
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This seems like it's gotten out of hand, but I have to support the teacher the and students for their decision. That is really such an offensive word, and it's so amazing for young people to be taking a stand for something they believe in. This teacher is truly an inspiration!
this teacher is such a bad ass and these students are awesome, everyone at my school is talking about this and I really hope the school stops being so stupid and brings the teacher back.
That's so horrible. I hope there's a petition going around and enough community support to get this teacher her position back.
Good for the teacher for standing up with her students even at risk of her own position! I hope that the School board realizes what mistakes they are making in this situation.