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Developed by Senri, this charming turn-based strategy game set in the 80's will give you hours of fun playing on your mobile devices. ♪ Money and fashion, success and fame that's the name (yeah), the name of this game ♪ I'm amazed when I watch the promotional video of this game. The song is so catchy! That made me curious on what the game is all about. You should definitely watch it. :) After I watched the video, I purchased it (Yeah, because of that song, lol). And wow. Just wow. The sounds are great and the game is so good. Also, the voice acting was awesome! Lastly, the humor in the game is so high. Haha. In this game, you'll play the role of Max McMann, a devil's attorney, and you need to win the cases of your clients (who are obviously guilty as charged), buy cool stuffs in your house, and reach the top! It is available on Google Play for only Php 96.00 (USD 2.16)! And yep! This is totally worth it! Pros: -Humorous storyline -58 challenging cases -Hours of fun, kinda addicting for me -Great voice acting -I love that it has subtitles. lol Cons: - For me, there's no con in this except that, they should've added more levelsssssssss. :3 Overall verdict: 5/5. This is a must-try! ♪So how do you plead? NOT GUILTY!♪ What do you think of this game? Share your thoughts. Over and out!