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I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! Of course I'm excited about all the DC shows continuing and premiering this fall (Gotham, Constantine, The Flash, and Arrow season 3), it's awesome to see the DC universe on screen again but there's a really big lack of FEMALE characters until now! There's no date or details yet, but just to hear CBS has committed to making the show is a HUGE step considering so many networks and stuff have all but refused to make a show with a female star just because they didn't think a show staring a woman would do well (what?!).
This only worries me because I know CBS commits to hundreds of shows it never makes; hopefully this one is popular enough of an idea to get through.
Good news :) This sounds like it could be really great show!
Girl power! I'm not much of a TV watcher but this might change things :)
@amog32 you've got a good point, I really really hope it still happens ><
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