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After the massive success that was The Fault In Our Stars both as a book and movie, John Green has landed another movie deal: Let It Snow. Let It Snow is actually three short stories, one by John, one by magical human being Maureen Johnson (author of The Bermudez Triangle), and one by Lauren Myracle (who wrote TTLY which is actually a lot better than you'd think). Honestly I'm not entirely sure how a movie made out of three different stories will work. They are connected but idk how well it'll work as a movie personally. Regardless it's super cool for all three authors, and it'll be John's FORTH movie (Paper Towns just released the casting for Margo and Looking For Alaska is still in the works). As I said I have my doubts but I'm still super excited c:
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@AgentCory I've actually only read The Jubilee Express in Let It Snow even though I've been meaning to read her work for ages. Do you have any recommendations?
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I can't take this guy seriously, because before TFIOS, he did an AP history crash course review over each unit. pretty funny.
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oh you watch @ZBfreeride? I love it!
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@AgentCory Huh, how did I miss that? I'm actually a middle school English teacher; sounds like it might be perfect for some of my more mature students.
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@greggr oh yeah totally, I def recommend it!
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