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Don't forget to follow our other card in Ep 4 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47086 ) Ep 4 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47089 ) Ep 5 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47399 ) Ep 5 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48141 ) Ep 6 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48341 ) Ep 6 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48418 ) Ep 7 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48900 ) Ep 7 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48540) Ep 8 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/49425 ) Ep 8 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48543 ) Ep 9 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/49778 ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cast : Sulli FX as Goo Jae Hee Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi ___________________________________________________ LIVE RECAP START Today 10 pm korean time Jaehee accepted phonecall from Taejoon saying that he has to go back to Seoul. JAehee just smiled answerit it. At that time Eungyol asked what food did Jaehee prepared. Jaehee gave one to Eungyol saying it was something she learned from someone she like. Eungyol help jaehee to wip some cream that was smeared in her lip. Eungyol suddenly said he had something he want to say to her. But Jaehee stopped him because the falling star was begin They ended watching the falling star. At the same time, Hanna also told Taejoon about the falling star. Jaehee and Eungyol was roasting the marshamallo while Jaehee told Eungyol that she was planning this for Taejoon. Jaehee asked what thing Eungyol want to say to her. Eungyol said nothing. Eungyol said she can ask him whenever she has difficulties. Jaehee suddenly said she smelled something burned, it was Eungyol's shoes that was burned. they got panicked but laughed in the end. Hanna was furious to Taejoon since Taejoon always sided Jaehee. Taejoon told her it was Jaehee who make him start jumping again. Then Taejoon asked her why she like im. She just answered and Taejoon said thank you for telling him in advance about Canada. Eungyol come with new hair. He asked Jaehee id she remembered the hairstyle. Jaehee said no Actually the hairstyle is from the magazine which onece Jaehee said she like. Taejoon remembered his conversation with his father. His father already arranged everything. Jungmin told Eungyol there is some pervert around school lately. Taejoon saw Jaehee who was playing basketball. He took Jaehee picture secretly and took his phone away when Jaeheesee him. Taejoon, jaehee, and Eungyol was walking together when JAehee remembered she forget something. On the way to get the things, some man pulled him to the car and drive a way. Taejoon remembered about the pervert and chase the car. The man was actually JAehee's best brother back in America. When the car stop, Taejoon pulled the guy out and hit him Taejoon asked if Jaehee was okay Then Jaehee explained she know the guy and it was a prank. Taejoon called Eungyol and explained all. The brother remembered the time Jaehee asked his help to enter the school. He said he regretted it, TAejoon come and saw the brother was touching JAehee's cheek He become jealous. the brother said he miss JAehee, and he was maybe Jaehee's first love and first kiss. JAehee was flustered and quickly stop him. Taejoon just drink to calm him down Eungyol in the room thinking about how to confess his like to JAehee. He tought about just coming to the room, pulled Jaehee and confessed. But he thought Jaehee will call the police being harrased by man who like ma. Then he thought about confessing after become the national athlete. The brother will take JAehee and Taejoon back but Taejoon got message from the manager asked him to meet her. In the car, the brother asked if Taejoon relaize she's a woman since they use the same roo JAehee said no, but the brother said how can she know, and Taejoon must be stupid not to realize it. Taejoon who meet his manager was told to go to Canada and concentrate in his sport. Taejoon just asked the manager to buy him dinner since he was hungry from thinking too much. the manager just laughed and said yes. Taejoon was back in the room browsing about Canada. He went up and tidying Jaehee book when he heard Jaehee called his name in dream. Jaehee said not to eat it since it's her. Taejoon smiled and said going to Canada maybe be better. Taejoon remembered all his time with Jaehee. In the class, the teacher asked Jaehee to read, but Jaehee who saw the brother outside the window got surprised and said "what the heck?" the teacher got angry and told her to sit in the behind. Hyonjae read the part while Jaehee watched the brother playing jokes. Taejoon saw it and got angry. Jaehee and the brother talked in the canteen while Eungyol and Taejoon watched them. the brother touche JAehee's hair and face made TAejoon more angry and left his seat. The brother said he come because he miss her and then asked where is the principal office. The brother asked principal permission to take picture. The principal said yes and introduced him to the sport teacher. The woman teacher asked who it was and sport teacher just answered shortly. The brother took some picture. But Taejoon said not to take his picture since he hate it. the brother said to ignore him, but JAehee come and told him not to take Taejoon's picture. On the way back to dorm, Taejoon realized the lamp was off. when Jaehee not come back, Taejoon thought about Jaeehee and the brother kissing outside the dorm. So he come out to get her. Jaehee was already in the door and she explained the brother asked her to eat together. The brother asked the manager back in the office to make tomorrow free for date. Taejoon was back in the room when JAehee accepeted call from the brother asked her to take him around seoul. TAejoon asked to come along since Jaehee doesn't know anything. Eungyol then did the same thing and tag along. All four of them went around Seoul playing while the brother took some picture. when they ordered drink , TAejoon and Eungyol asked orange juice like JAehee. But when the brother asked for Espresso. two of them follow just to look manly. Taejoon did one shot and just hold it down. But eungyol took Jaehee's orange juice to take off the bitter. Then they got to the brother's studio While the brother took picture. TAejoon saw around and found the brother picture collection. One of them id JAehee big picture smiling. Taejoon saw it smiled and touched it. the brother come and said "isn't she pretty" The brother told Taejoon he know Taejoon know Jaehee is a girl and stay silent about it And the situation changed since TAejoon knew about it. Seungri was looking at Hanna's picture when Hanna suddenly sneaked in Seungri who was in shocked just let HAnna enter. IN the studio, the manager suddenly said they need male model. the brother examined TAejoon and Eungyol and told them to become model. Eungyol who watching TAejoon taking picture curious why Taejoon let himself become model. Actually it was Jaehee who asked him so he said okay. On the car, the brother give blanket to Jaehee who was coughing. Back in the dorm, Jaehee said thank you to Atejoon Then JAehee coughed again, Taejoon checked her body temp TAejoon said to wear something warm. Back in the field, the coach asked Eungyol why she was so serious. Eungyol said he has to become the national athlete. And he ended it with hitting the ball which ended in the coach's head. In the clinic, the doctor helped Taejoon put bandage in his leg. Taejoon told him he was still thinking about Canada because Jaehee. The doctor asked him to think about what is precious to him. In the room, JAehee was about to change the lamp bulb which was out. TAejoon thinking about the doctor word and hug JAehee who was standing in the chair . Jaehee surprised and TAejoon said it was slippery and said he will go out since he already cleared his mind BAck in the studio, the brother examined the photo and found out TAejoon like JAehee. Taejoon come and answered the brother question. TAejoon said he know Jaehee is a girl and he said he want JAehee to stay beside him. The brother then asked him to play basket ball with him The brother asked what Taejoon mean by saying want Jaehee beside him. But the brother ended it by saying he can't allow it. In the room. TAejoon woke up because Jaehee's moans because the fever. AJehee come down to get the water. Taejoon told him to sit in his bed and get the water for her. Taejoon told Jaehee to lie in his bed and asked if she already ate the medicine. Jaehee said she will get better after sleeping. Taejoon said he will go outside to look for medicine. But Jaehee hold his hand and ask him nto to leave. TAejoon stay and compress her head with towel. Jaehee was smiling and then fall asleep. And so did TAejoon. In the morning, Eungyol was in hurry to go to bathroom but the roomate use the toilet. Eungyol who got into Jaehee's room surprised to see TAejoon and Jaehee was sleeping in the same bed. Jaehee who got up surprised to see Taejoon next to him. TAejoon who got up also surprised. THE END Next episode preview. The brother still around and take Jaehee her and there. Taejoon said to the media he will be champion for someone. TAejoon and JAehee was on date. and last one, the brother told Taejoon to let JAehee go if he isn't sure he can give her happiness EP 9 Full episode Viki Video : http://www.vingle.net/posts/50386
no prob., anytime...^^ he was also the fave student of kim ha neul in a gentlemen's dignity.. he's a model/ actor and was born on july 16, 1989, he's only 23 so i think he's still single... he already made 5 dramas including this guest star role in to the beautiful you... yeah, he's cute..^^
@nylamrehs ah! Thank you very much, I used to see him in Bachelor's veget.. but can't find more his news is he married? look cool! :P
@zuyuthailand....the one she's calling oppa/hyungnim in this episode is...Kim Woo-Bin
Is anyone know who is a cameo that plays as a brother of Jae-Hee on this EP? what actually his real name?
nice position, a new one, anyway...
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