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here our some of my hotties from bollywood.. who do you like?? we've rated our favourite korean now turn bollywood.. as here on vingle we have people from all over the world.. what's your pick on bollywood guys??????? 1) Hritik Roshan (he's hot and when he dances he's hotter!!) 2)Salman Khan (he started as a chocolate boy but today is an action icon) 3)Shahrukh Khan (king of romance) 4) John Abhraham(he defines the word "H_O_T") 5) Shahid Kapoor (an awesom dancer.. and look at him..he's so cute) 6)Aamir Khan (he's versatile..excelling in both acting and directing..a true genius) 7)Saif Ali Khan (sexy smile) 8) Akshay Kumar (action superstar!!) 9) Imran Khan (the new chocolate boy of bollywood) 10) Ranbeer Kapoor (heartthrob!!)
@neaa lol me 2 I m not his fan as
hrithik ranbir imran other r way 2 old 4 me lol but I like akshay he is a great person as well as a great actor so many other bollywood actors lack dat
shahrukh khan,hirthik roshan,salman khan
srk has a huge fan following..why is just me who's not a fan!!
the cutest is imran khan and the best acter is sharukh
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