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Ep.9 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with eng sub http://www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep 10 recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Ep 10 with eng subhttp://www.vingle.net/posts/50562 Cast Eun O: Lee Joon Ki A-rang: Shin Min Ah Ju Wal: Yeon Woo Jin Dol Shoi: Kwon Woo Jung Mu Yeong: Han Jeong Su Bang Wool Lee: Hwang Bo Ra Choi Lord: Kim Yong Kun The King of Heaven: Yoo Seung Ho The King of Hell: Park Jun Kyu Hong Ryun: Kang Mun Yeong Hi:D yesterday, a boy came to EO and begged for surviving his father from Choi Lord. EO tried to refuse him, but he turned to him. What EO gonna decide?! Let's see;) JW asks about relationship between AR and EO. AR says teacher of EO is my father. JW says "but you look quiet familiar." AR make excuse saying that it's not ture getting embarrased. JW takes AR to clothing store to buy her one. AR says I once tried hard to get a clothe.Then merchant says "Do not meet a guy who hesitated to buy u a clothe. It seems like the guy like you." EO went to Choi's home, asking for the boy's father back. Even though Choi refused it saying that the guy has a crime. EO insisted continually "you should not disturb me. It is my job to find if he has crime or not." Finally Choi let him go, and got angry saying that "you will have difficulty to do you job as magistrator." EO decided to devide Choi's food in store to people. DS worries of the situation, cuz Choi will definetly be angry of it. Seeing the situation, the workers under magistrator get freaked out. They disagree strongly, but DS says "You should not disturb his work." Then the workers criticize DS, saying that "how dare you order me as second child's servant?" Seeing the situation, EO feel a little bit blue thinking JW's saying that you will be in trouble if people know that you are second child. DS got mad and beat them. DS sees BW in trouble with a guy, and protects her from him. EO runs thinking about sad memories he've experience because he was second child from second wife. JW asks "why you behave like you skipped meal all day?" AR says "I just wanna eat as much as I can when I can eat sth." AR asks why JW give her a clothe. JW says he just did it cuz he wanna do. AR says thx and she will give back in the future, While talking with him, AR continually worries of EO. Then, at the moment EO appear in front of AR. Then AR takes her. EO asks "Did you ask ur question to JW?" AR says she wanted to ask but once she open her mouth, she was afraid of having so much to say. So she is thinking of saying later. AR says it seems like JW likes me. But EO give a caution to her "be careful. I don't know JW's intention but it doesn't look like true heart." Then AR says "Why you continaully care of me? Do you like me?" EO get surprised "It's not that I like you. I just worries of you." AR says "Anyway don't like me. I don't have much time. If I don't solve problem about my death I go to hell and If I do, I go to heaven. The important thing is I have to go back after all." EO asks "What are u talking about? Why you tell me the turth now, the truth that you have only two month. You don't care about yourself?" Then AR says "Why you get angry? It's my problem not yours." JW finds HR in his room. HR says she came here wondering how's the situation with AR. HR don't understand why AR doesn't fall in love with JW. She says "I wanna for you to hurry up." Alone, JW reminds of the past with AR. BW asks to DS "btw, I have question, Why you suddenly treat me good?" DS says "Actually, at that time I touch ur.." Then BW get so embarrsed and stand up quickly. DS see EO and wonder why he get angry. On her way back home, BW see EO and she thinks she've seen him. And she also hear AR's voices and thinks it's familiar. But AR hide quickly, finding BW. In the meanwhile, EO thinks of the fact that AR has to go back anyway. MY wonder how EO fought with devil of hell as human, because with only special sword it can be eliminated. In the morning, EO prepares to go to work and DS asks for opening Choi's store once again, but he refuses it. The workers under magistrator are looking the situatin between EO and Choi. They wonder why Choi stay calm with the sitaution that EO opened his store. BW thinks of the voices she heared on her way back last night. Then suddenly DS comes to her home and give her a favor. But BW require "Just treat me comfortable and tough like you did before!" Ok Hwang Sang Jae is having conversation with an angel. Then Yeom Ra comes and insist just tells the truth and solve the problem. But Sang Jae says he can't once HR is human. AR complain of EO why he suddenly give her a cloth. She says she already has new one from JW. Then EO go back to clothing store and asks to throw away cloth that made for JW's order. AR asks where EO takes her. Then EO answer "I told you I'm gonna take you to heaven!" Then AR says "Are u trying to throw me away? The feeling when I went to heaven was like this. At first time I felt so comfortable, but later it turned out to be scary. I will go through another way next time" AR says "here's heaven" EO says "I told you! Heaven will be like this. Even if it's not real heaven, see the flowers you like carefully. So next time you can beg to Yeom Ra and Sang Jae to make you as similar existence." AR asks since when EO was possible to see ghost. EO says when I was young I had serious illness to die. After that he came to see ghost and at first time he took all ghost's asking because he got frightened. But as time goes by, strange saying about him was spreaded but his father protected EO. AR ask "wat will you do if you find mom?" EO says "I'm gonna asks why I was to her, and live with her together." AR asks "When you're living with ur mom, maybe I will be in heaven right?" "Yes, you will be in heaven", EO says. p.s)For next ep recap next wedesday, visit www.vingle.net/posts/50515 :D
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