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1. Meghan Trainor. You've heard her "All About the Bass" hit that went viral this summer. Nice message, terrible song, goodbye Meghan. 2. Magic! - Rude. Catchy, but what else can these guys do? This group is golden one-hit-wonder quality. 3. Jesse Helt - Miley Cyrus' VMA Date. "The young man Miley Cyrus chose to represent homeless youths at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday faces arrest in Oregon" Yep. 4. Bobby Shmurda and his Shmoney Dance. Okay, maybe you hear about him, but you won't hear about him again. 5. Stephen Colbore. Gwen Stefani presented the 2014 Primetime Emmy Award for Best Variety Series, but managed to butcher Stephen Colbert's name so badly that his next episode was called the Colbore Report. 6. Mitchell Murphy, of the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, is a writer with a white suit and gold chains whose D-List status is especially enticing for an E-List social-climbing wanna-be celebrity like yourself. But once you’re on the B-List, Mitchell becomes pedestrian and you can do way better than a lowly writer. See ya, Mitchell! 7. Vee of Orange is the New Black. SPOILER ALERT, she died. In case you couldn't tell from her getting hit by a van and her body spiraling into the air.
sorry to disagree... I love"all about the bass"
Definitely agree about Rude and All About The Base, but it's still a fun song. I kinda hope she has more hits.
With all these viral hits there are SO many more one hit wonders!
Ugh, that Roooooood song.
Ahhh that second song is so annoying.
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