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In 1238, Muhammad ibn al Ahmar made his residence at Alhambra. This complex grew to have 35 acres of terraces gardens and palaces in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Its many courtyards, featuring symmetrical planting, architectural elements, and ubiquitous fountains, pools, and rills, serve as an excellent example of Moorish landscape design, which used shade and water to simulate paradise. Though it wasn't always restored properly, it is now one of Spain’s most cherished historic landmarks.
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I really love the focus on shade--I'm a shady garden kinda girl!
I've really got to get myself back to spain
These are really pretty, I love green tunnels like that.
I just got so excited! I love Spain. It's definitely really high on the list of places I want to visit. I'll have to keep this destination in mind!
Besides the food and music, the architecture and scenery of Spain makes a great getaway.