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Do you find yourself with tons of herbs once again? Rather than just giving them away, use them to create a fun gift for family and friends: Infused Herb Vinegar! - First, make the infusion in a large Mason jar. You'll want to strain out the herbs when moving it to a sterilized vinegar bottle so you won't get spoiling. The herbs start flavoring within 24 hours; a few weeks makes it more prominent but you have to take out the herbs eventually or it will spoil! Here's the ones Stephanie likes to make: - Parsley, Rosemary & Sage: Pack a handful of with parsley, rosemary & sage in a jar with ½ rice vinegar and ½ white wine vinegar for a rich flavored vinegar that’s a bit sweet and perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. - Fennel & Citrus Add fresh fennel or crushed fennel seeds with the zest of one lemon, lime, and orange to apple cider vinegar. This bright and fruity combination pairs well with a spinach salad filled with mandarin slices and toasted almonds. - Tarragon & Garlic Fresh tarragon sprigs and garlic cloves are all that is needed to make this fine vinegar usually reserved for gourmet grocery store shelves. Use a delicate white wine vinegar to ensure the sweet but earthy tarragon flavor has a chance to shine. And that's it! Thanks to Stephanie at Garden Therapy for the wonderful idea.
this is so cool. i've always wanted to flavor my vinegar, now is the time ... ty:)
@thePinkFlower haha, if I could I would!
@fallingwater How about you gift some to the rest of us?
This is awesome!!! Thanks!! Who wants to gift me one?!
That tarragon and garlic recipe sounds lovely!
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