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Make a bird feeder out of a recycled aluminum can! It's also a great way to get your kids involved: let them help you paint an decorate! All you need is some aluminum cans, paint, paintbrush, a dowel, ribbon, hot glue and stuff to decorate the cans with. You can either paint or spray paint the cans (make sure to shave down any rough edges first!) After the paint dries, ask your kids how they want to decorate, and get going! If you're using hot glue and seashells like shown, as the kids where they want to place them and do the gluing yourself. You can decorate these in so many ways! Then, add a dowel rod and bird seed and you're good to go. Squirrels might cause a problem with these guys, but they'll look so cute anyways! Thanks to Practically Functional for the idea!
@pixiedust There's a ton of variation possible which is one reason its great for kids: they can't really ruin it!
@happyrock the best kind of arts and crafts are the kinds where you can't ruin it!
These are awesome I remember making things like this when I was younger, it was always fun to watch the bird come try them out c:
I love this crafty idea! And it seems like you could use anything natural and local to you, not just sea shells (thought he shells are very pretty!).
@sophiamor A little bit harder, for sure! @caricakes They're so kid friendly; I'm gonna try using them for a babysitting project next time I cover a saturday
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