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Back at the Chattahoochee River again, just different section. I was trying out long exposure. I wanted more cloud movment but they weren't moving fast enough. Guess Ineed either a stronger ND filter or a longer exposure
Was the sky purple, or was that the result of the long exposure? @photogandy
@photogandy Ooohh! I like the smoke :) Even if the purple was a bit of an accident, I really like the result! It makes the sky feel like it's building something magical, not just a storm!
This is beautiful! I love the sky coloring too @onesmile @photogandy
Thank you @onesmile, it was about to storm so the sky was a contrast of puffy white clouds and very dark gray. I think it turned purple from my over use of one of those nifty sliders in photoshop. Just a little Easter egg if you look at the left side and work your way up you'll see a tail of a black snake going into the fire place.