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How To Check Your Bike For Damage After A Crash
Your bike's frame can take a bit of a battering if you've been unfortunate enough to crash. Here is the correct way on how to check your bike for damage. Start by checking wheels, shifters, bars, stem, seat and gears to see if they're broken or bent - while not part of the frame, they're obviously very important to the continued running of your bike.
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great video, but can you please go into more detail about the rear derailleur and not making the hanger go into the spokes? You talked about making some adjustments, but I'm not sure exactly what a just mints to make it specifically. Thx!
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@BobGaron Hey! Here is a card I made that goes over derailleur adjustments. I hope it helps!
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After a bad crash, I like to undo the QR's to check the fork blades and rear stays individually. The bracing provided by the hub can make some failures harder to detect.
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