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Princess're the best thing that the known because love was born of a friendship making my heart swell with joy in love and faithfulness on this day of love and friendship with satisfaction every day Today is a special day for you Princess, I will accompany you in the toast with joy, wishing you a beautiful day anniversary and fondly I write this poem especially for you. But the poem does not end here my heaven, today is your birthday I give you my heart and I give you my love and my life. Images greeting for you Princess Happy birthday friend that the sun shine in your fields the rainfall drop by drop bless you and God illuminate your steps and the love fill you with hugs My cute, that the light shine eternal your noble soul, you deserve heaven for being you, eternal friend of friends. beautiful fragrant Lady lyrics scented of wisdom, Love and certainty I celebrate with you this precious day Thousand blessings on your Birthday! That the light, your light wrap you always, Today on your birthday light and life. I wish you the best of the best, peace and love, i.e. you already have been given the dream one thousand kisses tight hug. Happy birthday my cute that God enlighten your life and your new year. Passing a wonderful and memorable day poet. my cute which beautiful you are, of soul and of heart So today on your birthday, God congratulate you.I also congratulate you with all my heart which you have a happy life with joy and enthusiasm. ! Today your holy day one more in your life, I join both that praise you friend, ! cute is your name and cute is your lyre for be as you are. thank you for be friendly ! happy Birthday And a kiss of my heart for you, and I wish you all the best, because you deserve it for being you and making me so happy. So I hope that the years continue to be wonderful and full of happiness. I hope every day your live to the maximum and share with the people you love and love you and certainly I hope also always let me be with you my friendship and my love for you...Happy Birthday My Beautiful Princess Queen ★ ❤️ Hyoyeon ❤️ ★ written by my feeling @edjdl0
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