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Baro: Tonight is the #b1a4roadtrip in #sydney . A handsome gentleman welcome #baro in the amusement park where concert will held.  hey, handsome guy. Good luck today!! And hey, AUSSIE BANA! look forward to tonight's #b1a4roadtrip !! Tonight, really really thankU so much coming for our #b1a4roadtrip in#sydney . I was amazied. That u guys had so much fun tonight. I'll be back soon. Let's have more fun time together next time!! Good night! 고마워요 #바나 ThankU #BANA !!! CNU: I'm in #Australia It's good to be back. It has been for awhile 10years. Thank you for everything and unforgettable memory in #Australia I love ya Australia
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They're too cute, I'm glad they were able to have such a giant world tour!