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Stuff No One Told Me
great comic! humorous, philosophical and full of life lessons! Highly recommended ! :)
it's really nice..the first strip that i read.. i really like two things 1) when he says i had so many interests that i got lost.. so true..sometimes it's so hard to decide.. sometimes we thing we're cut for something but may be we're better at something else..it gets really confusing.. but in the end it has to be one road..2)picasso thing.. a masterpiece is a result of years of toil and hardwork..and the est part is that you can always do better..if you're good today you can be better tomorrow..if you're best someday..you can still be better than the best.. even if you're 90 you can still grow as a person..just be passionate
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*think in 3rd line.. and *best in 5th
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I really like this guy's comic. If he ever published a book of his comic I'll definitely buy it. You should check out his other comic. pretty down to earth and funny as hell haha
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i sure will.. actually i just woke up (goodmorning!!) and have to run errands now.. will sure do it!!
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great comic! thanks for sharing!
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