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These baits look incredible. They may be small but they are affective. Has anyone heard of them yet or fished with them? I'm thinking it will kill suspended bass under docks. The bait company is DUO REALIS, I have about a dozen of their lipless crankbaits and they are probably the prettiest lures I've ever owned I almost don't even want to fish with them lol. Definitely worth looking into.
ive never tried them either but man do they look cool!! I think theyd probably be good off any vertical hangs
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I got 5 of them waiting on me when I get home.
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@ryan88argo awesome!!! when you next hitting home?
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I'll be on a plane tomorrow thank the Lord lol. Time for some fishing.
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@ryan88argo awesome! glad to hear you'll be getting some lake time hah. catch a big one!
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