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So everyone is excited about the recent release of iPhone 6 and iOS8, everyone has been talking all about it on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. But it seems that Apple iPhone users also got trolled by the people at 4Chan. For the second time in a row. For context, in 2013, 4Chan had convinced some iPhone users that with the iOS 7 update the smartphone was basically waterproof, which was a smart prank to play since there were already a bunch of Android devices with waterproof features available in the market. Now 4Chan's creative geniuses have gone ahead and topped that Waterproof rumor by spreading a new one: the iPhone can be re-charged in the microwave and that this is an iOS 8 exclusive feature. The 'feature' called Apple Wave said the trolls at 4Chan, was a super-fast way of charging your iOS 8 device. Except of course that it's not.
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What kind of dumbass are you for believing that shit but it's pretty damn funny
this is hilarious!
Oh no. More reasons to never believe anything you read on the internet hahaha
whyyyyyyy would you ever believe that oh my god?!?!?! like I get being like "oh cool new tech" but putting your phone in the microwave without even like googling it smh I can't
Hahahaha oh my god. I'm angry and amused and laughing at the same time.