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Time, maybe next time i will hold you and my love could protect you, just a little longer, but this time i couldn't. Didn't know what to expect so right now as i write down these words just trying to make sense of loving such a beautiful individual even though I'm not touching you and when your heart belongs to someone else. See if we do the math you plus me equals a love that we never had, and my heart hurts from the pain of having to subtract my hand from yours but our lives have a course to follow and the truth is hard to swallow, that the love we both derserve can never be ours, so i will dream of the next time. Maybe, just maybe next time these lips will know what to expect when they kiss an Angel, and my heart will be long enough and strong enough to tell you that i love you, and that this time your heart is mine. Maybe next time...I will touch your lips with a kiss that will steal your breath, knock you out cold force you to dream, dream about you and me in a world where I plus you equalled a family, but dreams are dreams such tricky things, because i sit in a chair over here and you are way over there looking at my heart that I written on a screen. I scream I Love You, but I fear this love can never be. So I will dream of such crazy things. -Rashaadblack the Prince of Kings
my friend I feel for you. when I read this i felt as if they were my own words. pulled from my very breath, straight out of my lungs. this work is amazing.
thank you @peooermintt
Thank you @danielrivera it came from a deep place.
thank you so much @caricakes . It is my writing and my photography. I will continue to share..
Is this your writing? I love the photography to go along with it!
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