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Lee Min Ho as the new face of GUESS? Score! Lee Min Ho as the new face of GUESS and giving them a sexy photo shoot for their Fall/Winter collection?! Double Score! As you know, Lee Min Ho landed himself a new gig with GUESS, and the photos already came out, which we talked about a few weeks ago. If you missed that sexiness, you can check it all out here. But now the video for the actual photo shoot came out, and it's so sexy I had to watch it like 5 times. Everything from the music to model Stephanie Lee cat crawling on top of him was just so hot! Who just added this to their video collection?
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i'll tell you how :p anggggggggggg anggggggggg
@MasriDaniela @Nonabisi super I think I need to work harder
Ahahaahaha lol @Nonabisi @christy how hot here ????
@MasriDaniela @Nonabisi he is hotter than our weather sis
@MasriDaniela @christy and the weather is really really hot :p