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Hi! My name is KimChoi Yong-Joon(김최용준), an actor in Korea. I was born in Cambridge, UK back in 1988. I am actually looking for a help to get in contact to a film which is in progress, no matter where! Could be Hollywood, Bollywood, England, France wherever! I really am a quick learner, totally capable of actions, can speak a little bit of Japanese and English of course. I played a roll in following movies; - Confession (2014) - Han Gong-Ju (2013) - Never die butterfly (2013) - The weight (2012) - and 30 more indie films. Please contact me if you have any interest on me! You can find me on Twitter! I'll try my best to be a help if you need :) Have a great day! Bye!
Thank u so much everyone!
@Nonabisi @nylamrehs I found his profile in Asian drama and hancinma
@nylamrehs true i couldn't find him on google because google keeps confusing him with a 1965 football player so when i searched the movies and the cast i find him there with his pretty pic ^_^
@Nonabisi he will do and also youtube channel so we can help him spread alot. but should promise us come to make fan meeting in Egypt and Lebanon
definitely we will support u 4 sure fighting nd good luck :-) @Nonabisi did u share this in our page we shd
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