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Hi! My name is KimChoi Yong-Joon(김최용준), an actor in Korea. I was born in Cambridge, UK back in 1988. I am actually looking for a help to get in contact to a film which is in progress, no matter where! Could be Hollywood, Bollywood, England, France wherever! I really am a quick learner, totally capable of actions, can speak a little bit of Japanese and English of course. I played a roll in following movies; - Confession (2014) - Han Gong-Ju (2013) - Never die butterfly (2013) - The weight (2012) - and 30 more indie films. Please contact me if you have any interest on me! You can find me on Twitter! I'll try my best to be a help if you need :) Have a great day! Bye!
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@nylamrehs brilliant sis thanks
Thank u so much everyone!
okis unnies @tyta468 @Nidiadominguez @sagbsas @analuna apoyemos a este nuevo oppa!! me apunto para apoyarlo!! 😄
ladies let's support by watching his latest movies compassion
Fighting !!! I will support him for sure !!!