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Selected as Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 1995, Cherry Alexander was selected for image (1) which showcased her love of the beauty of ice! The photo was shot from a ship off the South Sandwich Islands in Antarctica. The penguins are Adeile penguins, and a prion took the skies over head. Other work by Alexander and her husband (2), (3), and (4), shows that her skills are deserving of the award! Her intrinsic eye for nature, especially ice in nature, makes her images stand out among other photographers that frequently showcase both Antarctica and the Arctic! Along with husband Byran, the Alexanders have been working regularly in the Arctic for the past 37 years. They have visited the Arctic almost every year - travelling extensively in order to document the life of the North's native peoples, especially in Greenland. Their photographs are available for stock purposes here:
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These are absolutely beautiful! Our world is so magical, and sometimes it can be easy to forget but it really is.
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The first one is absolutely stunning! I had to look at it for quite a while to really understand what I was looking at exactly.
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The igloo photo is brilliant!
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Wow, great find @amog32. These are beautiful!
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