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As you'd expect with a big name game preview like Final Fantasy, the footage initially shown to preview the game was edited and only included the prettiest parts, making some fans and critics skeptical about what the actual game play and combat would be like. Since so many people were wondering what the actual game would look like, Square released a stream of the game play and combat (skip to 5:40 for the fighting otherwise it's just dudes standing around talking and right now the subtitles are only in Japanese). Ngl the game looks hella pretty, and it's really cool that the normal game play blends into the combat so well. Now if only I knew what they were saying@ XD
I'm afraid I don't know anything about this game, but it looks beautiful!
@amog32 I actually really like FF games, and this one looks really awesome so yeah I'm excited too c:
It's about tiem that we get some real gameplay footage! I am excited for it; I don't know about anyone else.
Combat looks pretty intense and hectic