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Tim Laman (USA): 2010

In 2010 Tim Laman won the Overall Award for Wildlife Photographer of the year for this (1) photo of the male king bird of paradise in the Afrak Mountains of West Papua, Indonesia. The bird is upsidedown, showing off its plume to potential mates. He holds the other half of his body right way up, jiggling his tail wires above his head so the discs flash, and shaking and fanning his other colors. Tim Laman (2) is a field biologist, explorer, photographer, and filmmaker. He has spent many months doing his best to help preserve wildlife by documenting its splendor, and then sharing it with the world. He spent 8 years documenting the Birds-of-Paradise, and released a book about them. To find out more about Tim's process in creating artwork, check out his blog:
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