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Danny Green (UK) 2009
2009's Wildlife Photographer of the Year was Danny Green of the UK for his photograph of one of the most amazing splendors you can see. Swooping, swirling flocks of thousands of starlings can only bee seen in northern Europe in the winter. This photo (1) was taken in Gretna Green in Scotland. Based in the UK, Green loves traveling to exotic locations to see many species of animals and birds, but his favorite locations to shoot are in his native UK. He has won numerous awards over the years, but finds the most delight in the current tour business he is helping with called "Nature Images." Through this program, he leads tourists to beautiful, nature sights in the UK to show them why he loves it. His interest in nature began because of his grandfather as a child, and has only continued to grow! For more on Danny:
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The first image didn't even look like a photograph! These are beautiful.
3 years ago·Reply
I really love the red fox in the bluebells: absolutely stunning! The contrast between the major color's hues is really nice, even if dramatic.
3 years ago·Reply
Beautiful, and what an interesting idea!I love the idea of showing others how you see beauty in the world, and beauty in your native land, through artistic expression like this.
3 years ago·Reply
I love that red squirrel's Don King hair. I've never seen them before. Now I keep looking up pictures of them!
3 years ago·Reply