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Do I even have words to express how cool this is? No? Well I'll try anyway lol First of all let's drop the debate about Gwen vs. Mary Jane because frankly both woman are awesome in really different ways, and the article makes the really valid point that Gwen's ultimate purpose in Spider-Man has been to die which really sucks :c In Edge of Spider-Verse #2 we get an alternate version of the events of Spider-Man where Gwen is bitten instead of Peter and becomes Spider-Woman. What's super awesome about this (aside from a female hero HELL YES!) is it incorporates other characters from classic Spider-Man including Peter who--spoiler?--turns into Lizard and dies but it's left up to the reader to guess that. Other characters are Mary Jane, Glory Grant, and a mystery girl who's TOTALLY Betty Brant. Not only are they taking a really different version and dynamic of characters, they've taken characters--WOMEN--who were completely defined by their relationship to Peter and made them independently awesome.
@Nisfit hell yeah!!!
This is fantastic! We need more super girls :)
@peppermintt that is such a great question and now I'm thinking about it and lost in a world of girl power @A@
@Sjeanyoon thanks!
I wonder what our world would be like if we had Spider Woman from the beginning instead of Spider Man!
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