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2007 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award winner Paul Nicklen. This photo (1) is of Narwhals, shot from an ultralight plane on floats in the Arctic Bay of Baffin Island. It took 6 weeks to get a glimpse, and this photo, in the melting ice. “I call myself an interpreter and a translator,” says Nicklen. “I translate what the scientists are telling me. If we lose ice, we stand to lose an entire eco-system. I hope we can realize through my photography how inter-connected these species are to ice. It just takes one image to get someone’s attention.” Through a unique situation, Nicklen shared his childhood with the Inuit in Canada's Arctic; these days Nicklen is known for his unique risks to get a shock. He has gone ice diving to get photos of leopard seals and regularly uses ultralight planes to get the shot he wants. He has been a National Geographic Photographer for over 15 years. Check out images (2) - (5) for examples, and for more about his work:
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Great images! However, I'm so sad to see the penguin being eaten by the giant leopard seal. :(