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This photo won an award during 2003 for Wildlife Photographer of the Year. The picture (1) depicts a group of bachelor male geladas showing agression towards a family male in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia. Nick became a staff photographer of National Geographic in 1996 and was named Editor-at-Large in 2008. He has had 26 photo stories featured in the magazine. A native of Alabama, he has been to many remote locations in the world. One of his most famous works (2) was his composite of the worlds largest tree, which he took in 84 pieces using an impressive rigging system. He has, at times, been dubbed "The Indiana Jones of Photography" for his actions. For more on his works, check out images (3),(4) and (5), and visit his website:
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Whoa! That fourth picture is amazing!
Thanks @onesmile these are really neat!
Wait so that 4th picture is actually made up of 84 pictures?!
I really love the third image; a moment showing that lions are just cold carnivores!
t's okay, lions. I make that same face when my hair gets wet.