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This is a recent picture, taken a few years back in digital and converted to B/W. In color, it just didn't have what you were looking for but in monotone, it became all the more powerful. In people's perception, B/W photos seem to have a timeless quality to it. It looks old but it might not be old at all. As human beings, we are of course attracted to colors, it is one of the distractions that helps use identify the world around us. Once you remove that color, then images have a story to tell, like this one...
I'm sure this has been said already, but I love B/W's due to the timelessness of them. If done right, you can never really tell when the picture was taken. The picture that is featured could have been taken yesterday or a hundred years ago.
@timeturnerjones, @nokcha, @sjeanyoon @caricakes Thanks for the comments. I think with digital, we have lulled ourselves to see things in color. It's only when you start to post process those photos that you can eventually see things in a different light. I suppose this is one way to have fun with your old digital photos :-)
@Benard Definitely! I think anytime you start experimenting with something directly you can begin to imagine it differently
Its true--BW images really do have a way of adding tones to a story that full color do not. But then again, I think it can work in reverse as well.
I love this! Awesome shot @Benard
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