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Tomoo Gotika's paintings are heavily influenced by the pin-ups in his father's vintage Playboy magazines. (His father created the images for advertisements in Playboy for its launch in Japan in 1975.) The curves and teasing stances of his characters are obvious references to such imagery, but the remaining elements are broken down and abstracted, taking something low-brow and bringing it into the fine art world. Currently, his work is on display at Chiba's Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art, where it will remain until the end of December. Gotika states, "'The Great Circus' is something like a so-called retrospective exhibition, as more than half of the works to be exhibited are from the past. Since a 'retrospective' exhibition sounds as if I had already passed away, I have a slightly complex feeling about it, but of course, I am extremely pleased that the works that have previously only been viewed at galleries abroad like in New York will also be included in this show and can be seen in my home country. I am looking forward to the show."
@pixiedust I like that too! It reminds me of Man Ray.
This is a really interesting collection and concept, and I love that he kept it very monochromatic to put emphasis on the shapes.
They got more and more abstract as the photos went on!
@danidee now that you mention it I can definitely see it, great comparison!