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Bryan Singer is the guy who brought X-Men to life 14 years go (omg was it seriously so long ago???) and left after the second movie to do Superman (T_T) Finally after so long he's coming back to direct X-Men Apocalypse which we still have to wait another year for (and no trailer yet). I'm really excited about this because while the reboot has been awesome, Bryan Singer was the kind of director X-Men really needs. A fan who can still be critical of the source material, who can also make it something anyone can enjoy.
Singer directed Days of Future Past as well.
Apocalypse would be a whole new cheaper for X-Men for the olds are getting old. I am really expect to see more X-Men, and the power of the heroes.
@EightyNine which was also awesome :D
@ZhuHao agreed, I'm just really glad that Singer is back in charge. Imo he did a really awesome job with the first two movies and I think now that they're transitioning from the old to the new he's the perfect director for it.