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Ep.9 Recap www.vingle.net/posts/50174 Ep.9 with Eng Sub www.vingle.net/posts/50390 Ep.10 Recap www.vingle.net/posts/50319 Last time, EO took AR to beautiful place with many flowers. AR asked "When you found your mom and live happily with her, I will be in heaven right?" Then EO says positively "Yes, you will be." What will be there future? EO says "go and take a rest." AR asks "Are you gonna get my clothe together?" EO says "I don't have that much time" Yeom Ra and Sa Jae are talking about how they can get fish easily. SJ asks how they have to do AR. He says they promised to send her to heaven, and they gotta keep it. HR says alone she already know AR is a way to find her. But she's sure they can't punish her even if they find, cuz she's human. She's sure they gonna send Mu Yung, cuz he's the only person who can kill her. But she don't think MY can catch her as YR and SJ's expectation. EO suddenly wake up and asks "What are you doing in my room?" MY asks "Is this mine or someone gave it to you?" EO says "that's mine. Give it." MY asks "Is it right a person who gave you fan and a person who gave you hairpin to be a same person?" EO says " AR had the hairpin, and if you know about it, there's a possibility for you to know about why AR had it when she died." AR asks who gave EO a fan. Then he says his teacher gave it, saying that I can face to ghost with it. MY wonder why EO had the fan which SJ's sign on. EO remind of the past. At that time, a servant said she didn't clean room, cuz the room was everything to lady. JW says "You told me you have sth to tell me, didn't you?" JW says "Lee Seo Lim lady was kind of stranger even if we had plan to marry. But we've never met each other. So I didn't have any heart to her. If you gonna blame me for not giving my heart to her, understand me." AR asks "But why you planned to marry her?" JW says "I didn't propose to marry. The lady's familiy asked me to marry with their daughter." EO is reading a diary. The diary is about a lady's expectation about marriage. BW is wondering AR's voice was same with the ghost she knew in the past. She decide to talk to her. EO get a message and run to somewhere getting angry. Choi Lord try to revenge for EO opened his storage. He orders "Don't let them appear in front of me." JW is thinking of AR with EO. He listens Choi's servant saying which gonna kill AR and EO. EO cry "You know that I don't die. Just beat them" But EO don't do that for not hurting AR. Then JW comes and helps EO. Choi's servant order to kill AR. EO cries "Open ur eye!" Seeing AR's opening her eye, EO kisses her. She opens her eye and asks what he's doing. He says he shared his breathe to survive you faster. Choi's lord gets so angry. He worries that EO gonna mad because AR died. BW comes to know AR became human from ghost. She gets so confused. EO says "Just think ur ghost friend became human. If AR was not there, you would die now. Don't say about this to others." MY asks "Is EO is Mu Yeon?". YR says "yes". MY blame why he didn't tell about it. He doesn't understand why YR didn't believe him even if YR knows he has story with the MY. YR says " the person feel confident, because no can kill the person but only you. I didn't tell you because of that." AR says "Don't kiss me ever. and also don't be hit by those bad guys from now on." DS says "Why you didn't come to me directly? What do you think about me?" BW gets so embarrassed and stops him. DS introduce him and asks BW's name. EO says "I bought a clothe. I can't see you're wearing clothe with blood." EO thinks of AR saying which she gotta go back later after two months. AR asks "How am I? I know that you fell for me, cuz I'm so beautiful. How about hanging out?" AR says "why I can't get my remember? phew..I don't have much time" EO says "I gotta go to the person who tried to hurt you and me. Let's go back. It's chilly." SJ asks "Did you give a hint to Mu Yeong?" YR says "Yes, I did it. I felt so sorry seeing him to think alone too much. I'm sorry if I gave you a trouble, but now try to belive Mu Yeong" SJ feel bad about a boy's death. He says " I'm gonna give you a gift. From now on, the time you comes to live thanks to me deosn't belong to you. Someday you'll remember this relationship." While holding his clothe, he comes to find amulet from grave. AR remember she's seen it in Choi Lord's home. EO asks to BW "Do you know about this amulet?" She says "I know almost all amulet but I've never seen this." AR says "When I survived, someone killed me and brought to grave. Then EO found his mother's hairpin in it." In the past, AR said there is a seperated room behind JW's room. And EO try to go there. AR said "There was a strange path. In the path, there was the amulet." EO feel strange after checking there is sign of it in Choi's home. He tries to check. In the moment, EO was about to open the door, JW comes and asks "why you came here?" Preview of Ep 12) JW says this is my home's shrine. EO says to Choi's Lord "You know about this amulet." JW says "there are those things in every home. JW asks about AR, but EO says "Don't care about her."
@cayu18.. no prob, anytime...^^ i think mu yeong is that guy in black, the soul reaper.. that is starting to think on his own.. there's this mysterious thing about her sister that the jade emperor was not saying..
good work!
i am confused who is Mu Yeong?
@nylamrehs thanks for the link.
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