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Another example of a destination wedding from our team. Accessories and decorations were created specially for the couple. That day it was very rainy over the Andaman and it was so hard to set up and decorate everything on a Bounty island. But the rain stopped and sun went out at the moment when bride and groom were ready for the ceremony. For more pics you browse a linked-gallery!)
This is beautiful! I love the accessories, they're so fun and creative!
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@pixiedust thank you! many things for decoration we bought this summer while travelling through Europe. In Lisbon there are a lot of shops with interesting stuff.
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@inTropics that's wonderful, it looks like it was a beautiful ceremony and it's so nice the pieces were unique and had their own story.
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@inTropics do you simply keep the pieces ready for any couple, or are they picked more on a couple-to-couple basis?
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@onesmile no, we keep only basic assets, like columns, bamboo stands, arches etc. But the decoration, implemetation and accessories are exclusive for Handmade weddings always.
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