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You will need 10 sheets of scrapbook paper (to make 20 triangles). This calls for 4 light pink, 3 dark pink and 3 metallic gold ones. You'll also need scissor or paper cutter and glue dots (I tried double stick tape, but it didn't hold well). Simply cut your scrapbook paper in half diagonally, then play around with a design and pattern that you like. Then stick them to your wall. Start by marking one straight line with a level and chalk.
How pretty! Yeah, glue dots are my personal savior really. I feel like I can do crafts a lot more efficiently with them.
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It almost looks like a giant origami heart! I'd love to play around with different colors.
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I feel like my cat would manage to rip these down if I did them at home, but they should work in my dorm room for easy/removable art!! Thanks!!
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The color selections of this origami heart is pretty! Especially the gold print!
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