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Three Feet for Safety Act - Bike Smart, Bike Safe
What is the 3 Feet for Safety Act? Beginning September 16, 2014, California drivers must give people riding bikes at least 3 feet of clearance when passing in the same direction. Hundreds of people are killed and many more are injured nationwide each year. Many of these injuries and deaths are preventable. If drivers follow the new 3-feet passing law, the risk for potential accidents drops dramatically.
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I love that California did this... cool little ad too... I'm sure there will still be D-bag drivers but still awesome!
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I live in Lancaster, California. I believe no one here k knows about this law yet cuz the still try and run me off the road and it sucks. they past with maybe 4-8 inches of me all the time. what am I suppose to do? ride on the sidewalk? I ride a road bike for a reason and its called road bicycle not sidewalk bicycle. wish these drivers will open their eyes.
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They see us cyclist like we are objects.. not people... but the law is a start and hopefully fines can be charged if caught.
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